What we do for Oil & Gas Producers

With over 40 years of experience and direct involvement in hundreds of wells throughout Oklahoma, Quest Oil Services can provide a wide range of knowledge and expertise to assist in the successful drilling, completions, workovers and stimulations of your Oil & Gas projects.

We are available to evaluate Oil & Gas prospects for production potential and profitability, as well as assistance and due diligence prior to the purchase or sale of Oil & Gas properties. I can offer vast experience in well-site supervision and project management in areas of drilling, completions, workovers and re-entries.

With plenty of knowledge and “hands on” practical experience in field operations, supervision of daily operations are offered. If needed, Jerry Stettnisch, President of Quest Oil Services, is a specialist in troubleshooting and finding new approaches to production problems both downhole and on the surface.

Quest offers a variety of consulting services to the industry and can be very flexible in the way our services are structured and priced. Let’s talk about your particular Oil & Gas problem or project. With good, practical experience we stand ready to provide competent, valuable and seasoned assistance in the following areas:

  • Leases and Well Restoration Projects
  • Identifying and Developing Behind Pipe Potentials
  • OCC Rules and Regulations
  • Lease Negotiations and Acquisitions
  • Prospect Evaluation and Due Diligence
  • Oil & Gas Equipment Installation
  • Wellsite Supervision & Consulting
  • AFE’ Costing and Economics
  • Vendor Negotiations; Services & Products
  • Troubleshooting Production Problems
  • Tank Batteries, Pumping Units, etc.
  • Production Enhancement & Optimization
  • Oil and Gas Facilities Design
  • Field Planning and Development
  • Well Log Analysis and Evaluation
  • Production Systems Troubleshooting
  • Identify Potential Production Possibilities
  • Drilling, Completion & Re-entries

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