What we do for Landowners

With over 40 years of direct and operational experience in the Oil & Gas Industry, Jerry Stettnisch offers valuable assistance to the Landowners and Surface Owners dealing with abandoned or neglected Oil & Gas Properties throughout Oklahoma.

We realize how frustrating it can be to have a neglected oil or gas well, tank battery or other equipment on your land, especially if it’s not being produced properly or taken care of. Perhaps an oil company has gone out of business or maybe they are just not responsive to your phone calls or inquiries. As an owner of Working Interests, Mineral and Royalty Interests, Jerry understands and appreciates the working relationships between Interest Owners and the oil company. We can help!

Perhaps you have an old well or related equipment on your property that has been neglected or wrongfully abandoned, and maybe you own mineral interest in the lease or well, or maybe you just own the surface.

Mineral Interest Owner or Surface Owner, either way we offer many options and services to help in:

  • Unreleased Oil and Gas Leases
  • Cursory Lease Checks
  • OCC Rules and Regulations
  • Identify Potential Production Possibilities
  • Curative Title Actions
  • Lease Contracts Evaluation
  • Lost Production Issues
  • Plugging and Clean Up, if Necessary

In most cases, we can perform a complete assessment and take appropriate actions on your behalf. Let’s review your particular situation and through our alliance with industry professionals, we can quickly evaluate your particular situation and make recommendations and take actions towards a resolution.


Quest provides services with experience throughout the State of Oklahoma. We continue to maintain solid working relationships and alliances with highly regarded Landmen and Oil & Gas Attorneys for different areas of Oklahoma.

Their combined expertise helps to quickly and effectively resolve various problems commonly associated with Oil & Gas Leases, Wells and Ownership Issues.

Get in touch through our CONTACT page for a no obligation discussion of your particular Oil & Gas issue to seek a solution.