Quest Oil Services, LLC is uniquely qualified to work closely with the Oil & Gas Producer, in addition to the Landowner, Interest Owner or Investor. With more than 40 years of direct Exploration and Production involvement and experience in the Oil and Gas Industry, Jerry Stettnisch, President of Quest Oil Services, looks forward to introducing you to the Company.

Throughout his 40+ years in the industry, Jerry Stettnisch has enjoyed extensive and wide ranging experiences allowing him to work effectively within various facets of Oil & Gas Exploration and Production. Jerry has been working the upstream side in the oil and gas industry, organizing and overseeing both the administrative and field operations for the establishment and enhancement of producing oil and gas properties. Additionally, Jerry provides wellsite and administrative consulting necessary to the acquisition, drilling, completion and reworking of oil and gas wells for himself and other independent oil and gas producers throughout Oklahoma.

As owner of Working Interests, Mineral and Royalty Interests, Jerry Stettnisch understands and appreciates the working relationships between Investors, Interest Owners and the Oil Companies.


Quest provides services throughout the State of Oklahoma. We continue to maintain solid working relationships with highly regarded Landmen and Oil & Gas Attorneys for different areas throughout the state of Oklahoma. Their expertise helps to quickly and effectively resolve various problems associated with oil & gas Leases, Wells and Ownership Issues.

Providing working knowledge and experience in:

  • OCC Rules and Regulations
  • Prospect Evaluation and Due Diligence
  • Wellsite Supervision
  • Vendor Negotiations; Services & Products
  • Wireline, Acidizing and Fracking
  • Production Enhancement & Optimization
  • Field Planning and Development
  • Well Log Analysis and Evaluation
  • Lease Contracts Evaluation
  • Identify Potential Production Possibilities
  • Curative Title Actions
  • Lease Negotiations and Acquisitions
  • Oil & Gas Equipment Installation
  • AFE’s, Costing and Economics
  • Troubleshooting Production Problems
  • Tank Batteries, Pumping Units
  • Oil and Gas Facilities Design
  • Investor Relations
  • Production Systems Troubleshooting
  • Contracts Negotiation and Management
  • Drilling, Completion & Re-entries
  • Obtaining Lease Releases